Explorations In Roasting Tasting Packs


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In collaboration with EQUILIBRIUM MASTER ROASTERS, ECRE Manufacturing presents Explorations in Roasting Educational Tasting Packs.

By tasting along with the detailed explanations, accessed via the QR code & Dropbox link located on & in the box, roasters will be able to confidently apply what they’ve learnt to their own roasting!

There will also be a Weekly Zoom Discussion session from 4pm-5pm AEDT starting 17th November! (link will be advised by email after purchasing pack)

  • Roast Defects: By tasting these roast defects in relation to the control sample you will be able to better identify any potential issues with your: roasting machine settings, green bean quality, batch sizes, profile approach & parameters, flavour preferences.
  • Roast Profiles - Part 1: By tasting these roast profiles you will be able to better understand the flavours & baseline approaches for the roast levels of light, medium & dark that ca be easily applied & adapted to your own roasting. 
  • Roast Profiles - Part 2: Without tasting part 1, this pack may not make sense at it requires the foundation exploration of roast levels before further exploring the various nuances that ca occur in roasting/roast profiles. 
  • Roasting Systems: Matching provides across different machines - The biggest myth to be busted in coffee roasting is that a machine will give specific flavour in roasting, when actual fact it is the profile that influences the flavour not the machine!

Roast Defects:

  • 2 x Control
  • 2 x Scorched 
  • 2 x Underdeveloped
  • 2 x Overdeveloped
  • 2 x Baked

Roast Profiles Part 1:

  • 2 x Light Roast
  • 2 x Medium Roast
  • 2 x Dark Roast
  • 2 x Same Profile - Minimum Batch Size - Medium Roast
  • 2 x Same Profile - Maximum Batch Size - Medium Roast

Roast Profiles Part 2:

  • 2 x Same End Temp & Dev. Ratio % - Short Roast Time
  • 2 x Same End Temp & Dev. Ratio % - Long Roast Time
  • 2 x Same End Temp & Dev. Ratio % - Control 
  • 2 x Same End Temp - Long Maillard Phase
  • 2 x Same End Temp - Short Maillard Phase

Roasting Systems:

  • 5 x Machine 1
  • 5 x Machine 2