Expertly designed and meticulously hand-crafted to highlight the natural characteristics of exceptional coffee.

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One of the biggest strengths of the Origami Dripper is the quality of the material used in its production: Mino porcelain. Mino is a very thin yet robust and durable traditional Japanese porcelain with a reputation for excellence for more than 400 years. It has great thermal conductivity and even thermal stability—making it excellent at retaining a consistent temperature. Consistent brewing temperature means fewer variables in your brew, and the fewer variables you have to worry about. the more you can perfect your brew method.


The 20 evenly-spaced ridges that give the Origami Dripper its iconic silhouette (reminiscent ofits namesake) are not just a visual feature. These ridges create multiple air pockets between the dripper and paper filter that regulate brew time by ensuring that flow-rate—and draw-down—is optimised. Your flow-rate will always be seamless. Once again, the Origami Dripper allows an unapparelled level of consistency.


The Origami Dripper can be used with both cone and flatbed style filter papers, and this gives it a level of versatility we’ve never seen before in a filter coffee brewer. The Origami Dripper’s versatility leaves exciting room for experimentation with your brewing that you would usually have to employ more than one brewer to attain. It gives more freedom to express a wide range of flavours than a traditional cone or flatbed brewer.


We couldn’t finish without mentioning how good the Origami Dripper looks, right? lts angular and modern design, combined with lovely pastel colours, make the Origami more than just a coffee brewer. It looks as good on the shelf as a decoration as it does brewing coffee!

Need we say more? An unparalleled flow rate. thermal stability. durability and versatility combine to make it a truly unique brewer. and in our opinion, the best in the business.


Purchase Origami products through our Origami Dripper Australia