Coffee Recent Developments by Ronald Clarke


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Discover the essence of coffee with the groundbreaking book, “Coffee: Recent Developments.” Delve into the heart of this globally cherished crop as we unveil the latest advancements shaping its cultivation, distribution, and trade in the dynamic multi-million dollar industry.

Authored by a consortium of over 20 esteemed coffee scientists and technologists from across the globe, this comprehensive volume presents a wealth of insights and innovations. Unravel the intricate chemistry behind coffee’s rich flavour profile with in-depth discussions on both non-volatile and volatile compounds. Explore the forefront of technology with chapters devoted to advancements in roasting techniques, decaffeination processes, instant coffee production, and the art of home and catering beverage preparation.

From the physiological effects of coffee consumption to the agronomic intricacies of breeding and cultivation, each aspect is meticulously examined by experts in their respective fields. Dive into the latest molecular and cellular techniques, revolutionising coffee farming practices.

Furthermore, gain valuable perspective on the industry’s landscape with an extensive review of international organisational activities in the appended section.

“Coffee: Recent Developments” isn’t just a book—it’s an indispensable resource for anyone passionate about coffee. Whether you’re a food scientist, technologist, agricultural expert, or a coffee industry professional, this book is an essential addition to your library. Make sure your institution stays at the forefront of coffee research and education by securing a copy for your university library or research station today.