How to talk coffee with non-coffee people (with Nick Jordan)

Coffee people looove talkin' coffee. Brew ratios. Extraction percentages. Processing methods. Flavour descriptors. Brew methods. We love this stuff.

But what do our customers—and food media—care most about? And how do we reach them without dumbing down what we do or boring them with coffee-speak?

To discuss this topic we’ll be talking to food journalist Nick Jordan. Nick loves coffee and has written about it, but most importantly, is not a coffee nerd. And he has opinions about what we, as an industry, do right and wrong when we communicate to outsiders.

About The Speaker

Nick has been featured in the likes of SBS, The Guardian, Time Out, Gourmet Traveller, The Sydney Morning Herald, Delicious, the ABC and Broadsheet—where he founded the Local Knowledge column. He also reviews muesli on Instagram and appears on FBi Radio’s Snack Time segment every Wednesday morning.

TUE 17 NOV 2020 5PM